Could you run faster, better or for longer if you had your own Personal Running Coach?

The simple answer is YES. There is a misconception that Running Coaches are only for “The Elite” or “Already Good Runners” wanting to get better. The fact is, YOU, any runner, of any ability, or current fitness level, significantly benefits with the help of a “Coach”.

What your running Coach can do for you….

Teach you new training runs, such as hills, tempo runs and intervals.

Progress at your own pace to avoid injury.

Teach you the physiology behind running, such as how to fuel before, during, and after your runs.

Prepare you for race day, including how to pace, what to wear, how to fuel, where to line up, etc.

Help you through the tough times of training as well as providing continuous motivation.

Teach  and show you the benefits of Strength Training, with or without “Having to” go to the gym or, “Lift weights”.

So why am I here? I am Jaime, and yes I love to run (100+ Half-Marathons, 12 Full-Marathons and just recently my first 60km Ultra Marathon)

BUT, I love to help other people run even more! (I am a pace runner for 5 of NZ’S major Events). My specialty personal running coaching business, RunningNZ, is all about personal, Online Coaching that fits in with you and your life. I plan customized and personalized programs that are based on your future goals, current fitness level and most importantly your lifestyle-all online and all personal for you!

So whether you are thinking of training for your first 5km-10km event or are a seasoned runner looking to improve your performance, I can be your personal Coach. RunningNZ Online Coaching will help you reach your true running potential. For more information email me at


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