Full Testimonials

Catherine Jenkins

It’s all about changing your mind-set to realise that you can actually run distances, and that your body can do it. For me personally though, I would not have been able to make that realisation were it not for Jaime. She believed in me long before I believed in myself.
Jaime chats and laughs pretty much the whole time, a great distraction to keep the mind off that persistent little voice saying “stop”…..She teaches correct breathing techniques and how to breathe through any aches. She teaches correct foot placement and altering cadence when necessary. Conquering hills successfully is covered off. She talks about hydration and nutrition and even hand picks your favourite coloured jellybeans for energy bursts from about the 12km mark!!!

Maree Leith

Jaime wrote me a very intensive training plan which included what food and fluid intake I should be having during this time. We started with smaller runs together every Saturday that eventually turned in to 30 – 35k peak runs. Leading up to the event I was nervous but confident that Jaime and I had put in the training to compete, enjoy and finish this amazing marathon. During the marathon Jaime acted as a coach to me by reminding me when to hydrate, when to eat and encouraging me mentally and physically through the challenging ks. I was personally aiming to finish at the 5 hour mark but much to my surprise Jaime had paced me to push the limits and finish at an amazing time of 4.51. I was extremely overwhelmed and amazed at my time and so very grateful for Jaime pushing me beyond my full potential.

Anne-lise Blackburn

As a self confessed anti-runner, it took more than a little persuasion to get me out pounding the pavement, but Jaime persevered and eventually had me out ‘perambulating’ around Lake Pupuke to start off with. And while I’m not sure I’ll ever match her dedication to the sport, she has had me run in two half marathons, out at 6am for ‘fun’, and yes I have enjoyed myself. She’s supportive, encouraging, and can talk you through the worst stitch! She can teach you how to adjust your stride, and keep your body safe. Her energy is unparalleled and luckily she has plenty to spare and to keep you going. Jaime is an amazing person who will help you get to where you want to be every step of the way!

Abby Sly

I have known Jaime Stevenson for three years and I can honestly say that she is the sole reason that I have been able to become a runner. Initially I took some convincing that I could cope with “an easy jog” but from that point, thanks to her, I have never looked back. Jaime has an upbeat personality with heaps of enthusiasm that has inspired and motivated me to the point where I enjoy running and am making good progress with my speed and endurance. She has a unique ability to make running at any level a fun and rewarding experience due to her fitness knowledge and dedication to helping others achieve their personal fitness goals.