High Five-O Challenge

Look what I got in the mail today, pretty excited! It’s people like this that make the world a better place to live in!

On 7th Feb to 28th March 2015, Mal Law “intends to complete 50 days of back-to-back hard yakka, climbing to the summit of 50 peaks while running the equivalent of 50 marathons over predominantly rough, tough backcountry trails. Over the 50 days he will need to ascend more than 100,000m; the equivalent of doing Mt. Everest from sea level almost 12 times”

Mal doesn’t intend to do this alone and every day he will be joined by  “a fresh band of support runners who will share in the adventure”, ultimately raising $250,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of  New Zealand.  I’m looking at running with Mal on DAY 50 – SATURDAY 28TH MARCH 2015 RANGITOTO (THE DUAL), anyone keen???

For more information please check out the website:





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