Plyometrics…??? Plyometrics, also known as “jump training”, are exercises based around using maximum muscle force in short periods of time, with the goal of increasing both speed and power.  When related to running, you force your muscles to lengthen and contract over and over again at top speed, just like you do when you are running. Making them, the MOST FUNCTIONAL strength training a runner can do. Adding them to your running routine can make your run faster, easier and more resistant to injury.

1. Plyometric Lunges– works your entire lower body with a running like motion.

TO DO: Lunge forward with one foot in front and one behind. Lower down until your back knee hits the ground and explosively push off he ground switching your feet midair. Repeat with opposite foot.

2. The King of all Kings…Jump Squats– Strengthens your glutes, reduce strain on hips and knees.

TO DO: Feet hip distance apart and arms extended out, lower down to a squat until your backside is lower than your knees and jump up as quickly as you can, landing softly and straight back down to your next one.

3. Burpees– Strengthens your entire body.

TO DO: Feet hip distance apart, squat down an place your hands on the floor, do one push up getting your chest to touch the ground, then get back to your feet and jump as high as you can go.

To improve speed, prevent injury and build efficiency Plyometrics should be done at least once a week. For each of the exercises you would aim to do four sets of 15 reps each move and work your way up.


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