This is why I love Pace Running

I received this email yesterday from one of the mums whose daughter I had helped out during the Auckland Marathon. I was absolutely tickled to receive it. The world needs more wonderful people like this!  Around the 30km marker caitlyn asked if I could help her out, she was in a lot of pain and needed some encouragement. So I did what I knew best…I started talking, haha. This email sums up perfectly why I love pace running.

“Hi Jaime
My name is Bridget, mum to caitlin who ran with you for 15km on Sunday. I just wanted to flick you a quick email to say a huge thanks for the wonderful support and encouragement you gave to Cait. She is just so thrilled to have completed her first marathon and I know your help was a massive part of her achieving that. Having only ever run a half myself I can only imagine how tough it is both physically and mentally. My husband and I were up supporting both of our twin girls and had stayed in Devonport the night so were lucky enough to be at the start and be part of the cool buzz. We actually spotted you and both thought that hopefully Cait might try and run close to you. The whole thing was pretty moving especially at the end watching every runner come in. So just wanted to let you know how much you were appreciated. By the way she came in just a few minutes after you….. I think 5.06.
So all the very best with everything ahead of you and many thanks again.
Bridget xxx”

Meeting these amazing people and sharing their experiences is one of the most rewarding feeling in the world


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