“UP” Hill Training


This week we will focus on Safely & Effectiely getting “UP” the hills and next week we will look at going “DOWN”

Running hills is a great way to burns more calories, improve oxygen delivery to the muscles, and can help you become faster and more efficient on a flat terrain. Hills help a runner increase his or her leg turnover, and they increase strength and power in the leg muscles.

Here area few changes you will have to make in order to conquer those hills safely and effectively.

  1. Charge the hill while still maintaining the same rate of effort, However, know that you will get slower as you keep going up. Keep pushing until you have reach the top and conquered the hill!
  2. Pump your arms at a slightly faster rate, keeping in mind that the steeper the hill, the more arm motion you will need to drive up the hill.
  3. Lean into the hill, not from the waist or hips, but from the ankle. Leaning at the waist can lead to possible back injury and more of a chance that you are not getting enough oxygen into your lungs & muscles.
  4. Focus on getting up that hill. Uphill running requires greater strength and stamina than flat surface running, many times just taking control of the hill can help you conquer it.




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