What goes UP, must come DOWN

Downhill Training

What goes UP must come DOWN. As much as runners really don’t like uphill training, downhill running actually requires greater concentration in order to prevent injuries. Slow down and maintain proper form will help you run downhill injury-free.

  • Because the potential for injury is much greater running downhill, it is very important to maintain the same running form as you would on a flat terrain.
  • Although it is tempting to lean back when running downhill, it is very important to keep a slight forward lean at the ankles, similar to the technique you used running uphill.
  • Instead of using your arms to increase power and speed, think of them as helping you maintain your balance and rhythm.
    Land lightly on the ball of your foot as you run downhill so that your feet don’t act as brakes and slow your forward progression.
  • Although there is no “perfect” way to run, improving on some areas will make you a stronger, more efficient runner over time. Do not feel you need to make these changes all at once. Look at sharpening one area at a time.


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